March 28/99

Dear Monte, Although our families haven’t met each other, not an hour goes by when our thoughts aren’t of your family. I guess the first time we saw you was at the U.S. Open of Supercross in Las Vegas with Chris and Anne. Then again in Red Deer the morning we waited and waited for our breakfast in that tiny restaurant.

I’ve ridden Motocross bikes for twenty-five years and my two boys have been racing now going on three years. My boys both took special notice of you and your exceptional riding ability Monte. And made sure that I watched specifically you because of your style, speed, your awesome looking bike, and how “cool” your bike sounds. My oldest boy, #25 in the 125 Junior class, figured you and him had the “most awesome sounding bikes.” They really did stand out with a snarl all their own.

Monte, there’s not a rider in western Canada who knows of you and what happened that can’t wait to hear that same “snarl” coming from that same bike with the same rider who rode in a class all your own.

I’m sending you this small token hoping it will make a little difference for now. I wish we could send more at this time. There are many others here in Swift Current planning to send but really weren’t sure where to send until now.

Swift Current Motocross Association will be hosting two races, April 25 and July 4, We will be forwarding you a donation at that time with hopes of it being more substantial.

Teresa and I and family wish you all the best in your recovery Monte. Our hearts go out to you and your family.

Yours truly,
The Johnsgaard family

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