March, 1999

Let It Be Known Let it be known: There are few people in this world you will truly be able to call your friend and you will learn the truth
only in the most desperate of times.
Friendship is the most fragile of things…
It is love without judgement or prejudice, it is selfless, eternal, and true, and more than that; it is rare.

In February of 1999, a very special friend of ours survived a life threatening injury while racing an indoor
motocross event. And although we were so fortunate as to not lose that precious life, it has forever been
altered. Life for our friend has and will continue to change in ways we will never fully comprehend, and
it hurts.
It hurts not just those directly involved, but anyone who breathes because it is a reminder of how fragile
life is.
That it could be over or altered in a heartbeat with no warning, no second chances. Remember this and
live every day as the gift it was intended to be.
Take the time to hug a child or smile at a stranger, to laugh with people and not at them, to do an
anonomous favor expecting nothing in return. Take the time to kiss and make up, to say goodbye, to
hold hands and to ensure you live a life with love.
Remember … love doesn’t make the world go round.
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

I hope with all my heart and all that I am that our incredible friend will make the recovery he desires.
That once again he gets to hold his little girls, blow a kiss goodbye and walk. Can you even imagine?
I think not.
The healing process is a tangled and twisted web of emotion, many of which we haven’t ever
experienced. But as a friend it is an honor to accept the responsibility to see this through to wherever it
takes us. I hope that I have touched those around me in a special way, that I’ve lived a life i can look
back on with no regrets.
My friend is much more than a friend.
To me he is a messenger, and a hero, who has survived on pure love and desire, who will, hand in hand
with his wife and children, beat the odds!

Let it be known: I am proud to be his friend.

Rod Matechuck

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