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Featuring the no holds barred Autobiography of Canadian pro motocross racer Monte J Perepelkin who
became a quadriplegic in 1999 after an injury he sustained while competing.

“You get a full range of emotions when reading this. I laughed, shed a tear, I was surprised, amazed, staggered, and even got a little disgusted at some of what was revealed. Because of this, I couldn’t put it down. It took a lot of courage and honesty for Monte to tell it like it was. Great read!”

Mark Stallybrass, President - Canadian Motosport Racing Corp

“From the opening chapter of the life-changing crash to his reflections and insights as the book draws to a close, Monte Perepelkin tells a compelling story of his life thus far. He takes readers along on the ride, from his earliest near-fatal accident at age two, through his brushes with the law, and the adrenaline-fuelled thrills of the racing world. It’s told with humour, creativity, and raw truth.”

Barb Pacholik, Regina Leader-Post

“Perepelkin gives an unflinching account of his life, including multiple brushes with the law as a young man and a postaccident suicide attempt. He shares his mental and physical struggles after the crash and also delves into matters of faith, purpose and existence. Throughout his tale, he maintains a sense of humour and imbues his story with a sense of joyful reflection. The book’s very existence is a testament to Perepelkin’s inner strength and determination to keep giving life his best effort in spite of the challenges he has faced, and continues to face.”

Dave Sulz, Lethbridge Herald

“I started reading The Perfect Life on a Friday afternoon and couldn’t put the book down!  I would quickly get my work done just so I could have a few more moments to read. I finished the book late Sunday evening.  Every spare moment of my weekend was spent reading. There were times I had very little sympathy for Monte and thought ‘what are you thinking?’. Then there were times my heart would break with sympathy and I would think ‘how will you get through this?’. This book was easy to read and had my attention from the start to the back cover.  I would highly recommend The Perfect Life to anyone.”

Marilyn Erho, Spinal Cord Injury Alberta