Featuring the no holds barred Autobiography of Canadian pro motocross racer Monte J Perepelkin who
became a quadriplegic in 1999 after an injury he sustained while competing.

“You get a full range of emotions when reading this. I laughed, shed a tear, I was surprised, amazed, staggered, and even got a little disgusted at some of what was revealed. Because of this, I couldn’t put it down. It took a lot of courage and honesty for Monte to tell it like it was. Great read!”

Mark Stallybrass, President - Canadian Motosport Racing Corp

“From the opening chapter of the life-changing crash to his reflections and insights as the book draws to a close, Monte Perepelkin tells a compelling story of his life thus far. He takes readers along on the ride, from his earliest near-fatal accident at age two, through his brushes with the law, and the adrenaline-fuelled thrills of the racing world. It’s told with humour, creativity, and raw truth.”

Barb Pacholik, Regina Leader-Post

“Perepelkin gives an unflinching account of his life, including multiple brushes with the law as a young man and a postaccident suicide attempt. He shares his mental and physical struggles after the crash and also delves into matters of faith, purpose and existence. Throughout his tale, he maintains a sense of humour and imbues his story with a sense of joyful reflection. The book’s very existence is a testament to Perepelkin’s inner strength and determination to keep giving life his best effort in spite of the challenges he has faced, and continues to face.”

Dave Sulz, Lethbridge Herald